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Youth Pastor | Abu Dhabi
On-The-Day Coordination
"Benny and her team helped us keep our focus on the main thing during the event. Without their help we don't know how we could have survived the stress of wedding preparation. What we really liked about their team is their genuine interest in our story. They'd ask us tough questions that made us really reflect on what is important in our relationship. They are extra milers, going beyond what is asked of them. They weren't there to just coordinate our wedding, they were there to help us share our story and we love them for that."


Entrepreneur | Quezon City
"We got Benny as our host for our wedding 2 years ago and I remember how her charm and wit got all of us participate and interact with each other. From being serious to hilarious, she delivered just the right mood and energy we wanted for that night. It was such a breeze planning and coordinating with this fun girl and I must say that she definitely knows her craft!"


Admin and Sales Support | Abu Dhabi
Full Coordination
"I’ve waited my whole life for my 18th birthday celebration. I wanted it to be lavish, fun, and memorable—something that I could cherish forever. Back then it was not easy to find someone trustworthy to coordinate a party. But thank God I entrusted my dream debut to Benny of Koncepts to Kreations. She basically translated my idea of a perfect birthday party into reality, and I could not thank her enough for that. She made it all possible. From brainstorming, to preparation, and finally to implementing the program, she did it all perfectly. Her fun personality was also a plus factor. Anyone can see how passionate and in love she is at what she does. Looking back to that event in my life still brings me euphoria. Had it not been for her and her team, it would have just been another bland, run-off-the-mill event."


Educator | Quezon City
On-The-Day Coordination & Hosting
"How will I start this? I guess I could describe it in one word: Perfect! That is our experience working with Benny and her awesome team.

It was 5 days before our wedding day when we found out that the wedding planner we first hired was not prepared with all the things we needed for our big day. With only a few days left, I was already panicking and feeling so terrible.

But thanks to that fateful premarital counseling moment with our officiating minister and ninong, we got the answer to our problem. I had just finished venting about our dilemma when Pastor Clem interrupted and said, “Okay, there's nothing to worry about. I know someone who can help you even if it’s a very short notice. “ And so, without wasting any time we got in touch with Ms. Benny.

I admit I was having reservations as to whether she could really fix all the pre-wedding blunders. But, when my maid-of-honor and I met with her, Benny confidently said, "I know you're worrying already, but tell me what you want for your wedding and we'll make it happen." True to her word, she did make it happen. From our sounds and lights preference, entourage details, ceremony and reception program, last minute requests and changes, she saved our wedding day.

Just when we thought the whole thing would be a disaster, she made it perfect for us! Thanks to her and her funny fabulous team. They were so likeable that even my sister tapped them to coordinate her wedding too. I suggest you don’t just read my words. Give her a shot on your big day and I am sure you will like her too."


CSR | Quezon City
On-The-Day Coordination & Hosting
"I would always recommend Benny and her Koncepts to Kreations team to all my friends who have plans of getting married. She's absolutely a STAR! I got married 3 years ago and I can still remember how my wedding went. The program flowed smoothly as expected. It was really awesome. I really had no idea how to organize a wedding and we are grateful that she walked us through every step of the way. She's very professional, courteous and well organized. She's also fun and funny to work with--no dull moments. Thank you Benny and team. Kudos!"


Admin and Sales Support | Quezon City
Full Coordination
"It was indeed a relaxed and unforgettable moment for us as we walked down the aisle. Never did I doubt that Benny and her team would pull it off—it’s a given. We enjoyed every minute of our wedding day thanks to her professionalism, dedication, and creativity, not to mention the positivity she carries with her in every situation (making sure she calms her bride). From the brainstorming and planning stage to the program coordination, from setting up the venue down to the nitty gritty details, Koncepts to Kreations was on top of them. We are so grateful and happy to have entrusted this very special milestone in our lives to this wonderful team. I can't wait to see and hear more of their growing success!"


HR Manager | Quezon City
On-The-Day Coordination
"Jay and I were very hands-on during our preparation because we wanted to achieve our dream wedding. However, we also wanted to enjoy every moment on the actual wedding day and not stress ourselves whether every detail is going according to plan. That is why we are so grateful for having Benny of Koncepts to Kreations. Our wedding ceremony and reception went on very smoothly.

Prior to the event, she already helped me out with several details, gave me advice and suggestions, checked up on me whether I was on track with the schedule or whether I might be overlooking some things. On the actual day, the team really stuck to the schedule making sure everything was working as planned.

One remarkable thing about Koncepts to Kreations is how they go over and beyond their duties. Aside from playing the usual role of coordinator, Benny acted as a co-host at the start of the reception program to set the mood right and man was she really good!

It was indeed a beautiful wedding for us. Thanks to Koncepts to Kreations for a worry-free event!"

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